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You also get a handy little menu on the left-hand side where you can go even deeper into looking at sub categories.

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It looks at which products have made the most gains in sales over the past 24 hours. This gives you an interesting indication of what product is trending each day. You could track this during the week, month and year to see if there is a pattern to sales that you can learn from. The products that have had the highest jump are some of the most fascinating to look at, and by doing a bit of detective work, you can work out what potentially caused the rise.

Is it to do with price? Is it seasonal? Has it been paired with another popular item?

Has there been something in the news recently? Is there a related event happening soon, like a film being released? Visiting a trade fair is a great way to get ahead of the competition in finding out what to sell. We would urge you not to worry about this at all.

The advantage of sourcing suppliers in the UK is that you can buy a variety of products or the same product but in a variety of colours and sizes in minimal quantities if this is what you are after. This will really appeal to those of you running a small business from home. Google has become so commonplace in our everyday lives that it even became a verb. As the most popular search engine on the web, it can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to finding out what people are searching for.

Enter Google Trends. You can use this useful page to help give you an idea of how popular the item you are looking at selling is, and what in months and dates it is in highest demand. You can use the different drop-down menus to look at different countries, choose the date range, the type of search web, image, news or YouTube and the category of the item you are searching. It can also give you an indication of what the next hot product might be. You can see in the lead up to Christmas that the volume starts to rise in volume before peaking just before the 25th and dropping dramatically after.

However, Google trends show that the general trend for searches is down on the previous 12 months:. It could also be due to interest waning.

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Think of selling on eBay a bit like surfing, you want to catch the trend wave at just the right time. It is common sense which should prevail when you are picking products to sell on eBay. If your buyers can purchase items easily with their weekly shop, they will do. Explore eBay can be useful tool in the arsenal of an eBay seller. The first thing to do is to change the country to your location:. You do this by clicking on the flag on the right of the search bar.

It gives you an idea of the kind items that are successful during different months of the year.

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For instance, the time we are currently looking at this page is around Christmas time. Here is what we see:. The graph shows the 42 days leading up to when the product started trending. On this particular day, you can see the array of Christmas related items here. You can also see the Star Wars t-shirt, with the new Star Wars film set to hit the cinema, this product has risen dramatically. These kinds of events should be prepared months in advance, getting in the correct stock for the occasion.

It might be worth creating your own event calendar for this. Looking up anniversaries, dates or events that could be of use.

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Going back to the Explore eBay tool, you can use the search bar to look up categories of items you are going to sell, to see if there are any trending products in the same area that can inspire you or that you could even start selling. This section shows you the products related to jewellery that have trended on eBay. If your ranking is based on the number of transactions or positive feedbacks, they will surely be listed on the top.

Hi, am curious about where do we rank, our ebay user ID is sarafankit, we have feedbacks in last 6 months and over the last 12 months, with an anchor store on ebay USA. Hi Ankit, thanks for the comment. Awesome list, have you ever thought to break it down to the same countries that Amazon is at, just like your Amazon list? This is awesome! How did you compile this list? Did you hire people to manually enter all the data? Is there a tool where I can submit a query for ebay sellers and it will come back with a list? Hi Bob, and thank you! We are planning an update within a few weeks.

The big guys must value quantity over quality in a lot of cases. I am looking forward to the next version. Could this be announced in the monthly newsletter? Thank you Nancy. Perhaps the big sellers lack the personal touch to push their feedback score higher. Thanks for bringing this list together, Andy.

Love looking at the geographic segmentations and categories of top sellers. Great stuff! Hi Klam, glad you like it. Yes, it does appear they should be listed as they had 67, feedback in the last 6 months. We were delighted to be on the top list last year — but seem to have missed it this year?

Can you advise how outdoors camping, hiking and backpacking equipment performs on ebay. Very accurate and amazing report. I have seen few familiar sellers that I used to browse on ebay and I would agree upon seeing them on that spot, especially on jewelry category. Keep it up Andy!

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Great Stats! Some of the largest sellers on the list are using StoreFeeder to automate a lot of their manual tasks — without automation of stock control, order processing and channel management sellers are usually restricted by the age old enemy — time. I would suggest using terapeak to peg each sellers asp over the last 90 days and then multiply by feedback x 2 to estimate total GSV.

There is a massive difference between a company who sells iPhone cases with an asp of 5 bucks and a auto parts seller with an asp of bucks as different sellers will vary wildly and the industry uses GMV as the standard size benchmark. Right now you are basically saying that a dollar store is larger than a car dealership simply because they have more transactions. Just an idea to take the data another step. A lot of people also dont like leaving negative feedback, when it should be, again this screws up the numbers because they dont even leave a neutral or positive.

It leaves a door opened that marketing and sales strategists should be trying to work out how they turn these type of customers into their most important — i. As a seller and Buyer? Yes absolutely feedback is only an indicator. On your second point, yes it will include feedback received as a buyer. We are taking about substantial businesses here, not hobbyists. I expect the vast majority of sellers at this scale will not be doing any buying at all with the same account. To make any kind of impression in their feedback score through buying would take a big effort anyway, and would simply not be worth doing.